One of the ways that valuable backlinks can be gained is through article marketing. Article Marketing is the process of writing an interesting and useful article, aimed at a businesses target market. The importance is that the article is of use, as this means there is a higher chance of the article being read by users, and then getting indexed by search engines (as it keeps getting hits).
One of the sites that such an article can be published on is Ezine Articles. To publish an article, strict guidelines have to be followed which ensure quality and consistency across all articles being published. Within these guidelines, typical requirements include a mininum word count, guidance on link placement, and the usage (or non usage) of a clients brand.
Ezine Article LogoEzine is one of the most powerful article websites, with a Google Page Rank of 6/10. This means that Google regards Ezine as being of a high quality, and trusts any reccomendations they make (through articles with links in them). To maintain their credibilty and quality of their content, Ezine have recently increased the minimum word count of their articles from 250 words to 400 words.
This is a huge increase which although protects the quality of the content being published, means that agencies and ethical SEO consultants will have to work that little bit harder to ensure acceptance. Although this has caused frustration by some agencies, we see this as a good move, as it preserves the quality that sites behind Ezines service.

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