It’s that time of year again where SEO agencies and marketing professionals alike start to predict what is on the cards for the next year. So, what’s in store for SEO in 2019?

Google completes its marketing platform rollout

Throughout 2018, Google has been rolling out updates to a range of its services, and even a login to Analytics or Tag Manager is now completed via the ‘Google Marketing Platform’.

While still a work in progress, expect the rollout of Google’s reshuffle to be complete by the first quarter of 2019. At the current rate that would be around a year from the first Tag Manager update through the launch of Google Ads, revamping of Search Console and ultimately the end goal of Google Analytics.

Take particular note also of the changes Google is making. There’s a reason for every move; a lean towards a marketing platform of their own and the growth of Data Studio (more on that later) suggests a Google is looking for an all-in-one tool for online marketing, removing the different system problem of comparing data seen in the past.

This also provides a handy in the box product to match with Google Digital Garage, perfect for those wanting to run their SEO and learn the ropes of digital marketing.

User security to increase in importance

Roll outs of HTTPS warnings, increased relevance on trust withing E-A-T pages and the addition of manual actions to Search Console, all point towards Google putting greater emphasis on user security and experience.

Work with an SEO or web agency to complete migrations to HTTPS if not already complete.

Elements such as changing of addresses, server protocol and link updates should take place in unison to this work.

Google Data Studio becomes a must have

We mentioned earlier that Google Data Studio will become a must have. An SEO agency will already be working on dashboards and reporting to provide insights to clients, Google Data Studio is the next level of this.

Essentially, multiple marketing channels and values can be attributed to different types of online and offline campaigns. This creates a perfect, all-in-one, solution for reporting.

Rankings, impressions, social performance and much more can be reported on through APIs and connections.

WordPress Gutenberg is a go to for SMEs

WordPress is in the process of launching Gutenberg – a capture all, all-in-one (see the theme here), easy to use page and post builder.

With Gutenberg users will have a theme light, easy to use page builder that takes away from the load of the site caused by Visual builders at the moment.

For SMEs looking to keep on top of posting and pages quickly and easily, this is a great option. For SEO agencies optimisation and compression for increased technical SEO performance can be improved.

Pair this with a marketing platform and dashboard from Google, and stakeholders or business owners are in prime position to have full visibility on their own marketing and be fully informed on progress.

Digital is officially crowned the most important marketing channel

With stories suggesting 87% of advertising spend is through Google and Facebook, the value of digital (or in this case paid) advertising cannot be understated.

This being said, with all the above – user security, clear reporting directly from Google, easy to use WordPress functionality – all coming into play, 2019 is primed to become potentially one of the most important years in digital marketing history.

When this is paired with falling TV use and greater expansion of internet and online services, the field is open for everyone from one man bands, to SMEs, to global companies, being able to increase their digital footprint.

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