In November Google rolled out the much-anticipated rich cards for both restaurants and online courses. In the past Google we have seen Rich Snippets (essentially expansions to search results) but new Rich Cards offer a further dimension to organic search element, mobile search and interaction on Google. Work with an SEO Agency to get Rich Cards right and you’ll be set for increased interaction within search results and a website.

How do Rich Cards Differ from Rich Snippets?

Rich cards come in the form of a carousel and appear underneath search snippets on mobile, allowing users to scroll through and make a choice of recipe, product and most recently restaurant and online courses.

Like rich snippets the data is put together using Schema or JSON-LD code.

How Do You Create Schema Tags for Rich Cards?

There are various ways to create Rich Cards, Google has a range of documentation on creating different types of basic rich cards.

An SEO agency working within the industry, with one eye on the future can aid in the creation of more advanced rich cards and make use of different schema variations to ensure cards are stronger, hold more information and attract users to engage. This is particularly important when considering searchers more likely to be drawn to rich card use are those within a micro-moment of some kind, such as a ‘restaurants near me’ search.

While basic schema includes things like address and post code, it doesn’t (at the time of writing) include latitude and longitude. An element which could make a huge difference to immediate custom.

How do you integrate rich cards?

Rich cards can be added to the website using wrapping code around relevant areas of the website. The code can also be layered into themes and pages by a web developer.

Consider the impact this has on the theme however and always install any additional code to a website through a development server first.

Why Rich Cards Should be An Integral Part of a Search Strategy

The fact Google continues to expand rich cards means they are invested in them, this means you and your website should be to.

Think about what the best options are for your rich cards, and which fit mot naturally. Also, work with an SEO agency to build relevant schema tags for rich snippets as soon as possible, as these will eventually roll out into rich cards in the foreseeable future.

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