Though not yet official, everything seems to indicate that Google AdWords is now testing a new ad extension that will allow prospects to send SMS or text messages to the advertiser.

This innovative feature is similar to call ad buttons. They allow prospects to text the company that is advertising on AdWords and ask for further information. When prospects click on the icon, it opens your default messaging app which is prefilled with the advertiser’s information. When the advertiser receives a message, they can communicate with the prospect directly allowing them to not only reply to questions but also establish a more personal relationship in the early stages of the buyers’ path.

The extension will most likely be called ‘Click-To-SMS’ (CTS), and, if launched, would go well with Google’s already existing call extensions.

If you are not familiar with call extensions, they allow advertisers to add a call button to their ads and target people with phone-call enabled mobile devices.

Benefits of a Call and Click To Text (SMS) Extension

Click-to-SMS extensions will be a huge advantage for both advertisers and prospects if released. Advertisers would be able to meet their prospects in earlier stages of the buyers’ path, allowing them to gather relevant information and adjust text callouts and campaign approaches accordingly. They will also make it easier for prospects to find answers to their questions regarding a product or service that is being advertised through Google Adwords, creating earlier buy in to a brand for a later organic or direct visit to a website.

Ad extensions provide a connection between an online action (a click to the ad) and an offline action (in this case, making a call or sending a text message.)

Advertisers know that it is usually very difficult to track offline actions and, therefore, measuring the effectiveness of a text ad is challenging. However, when both ad extensions are enabled, the offline actions will be recorded in Google Adwords reports.


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