Google plus Restrictive Name PolicyGood news for Google+ members who were previously upset about being forced to register with their real name, the social networking has announced that it plans to relax its draconian naming policy.

An update to Google+’s pseudonym policy is being rolled out, which adds the ability to use a nickname or maiden name and have it appear alongside your real name.

The issue, also known also as Nymwars, first started when Google+ went live. Numerous people who attempted to use nicknames had their accounts suspended because they did not meet Google’s strict name policy. According to Google, this policy was enforced to reduce spam and fake accounts, however, following user feedback, they have now decided to be a bit more lenient when enforcing the issue.

Although the rules have been loosened slightly, the naming policy still poses a problem for many users as they must prove that their pseudonym has already attracted an audience from elsewhere.

Google Executive Bradley Horowitz said users might also need to provide “scanned official documentation, such as a drivers’ licence” and that the review process would take a “few days”.

The change may make things easier for the Madonnas or 50 Cents of this world, but for regular Google+ account holders the update does very little to give them flexibility in how they want to appear to their friends and people online.

Should the update to the Google+ ‘common names’ policy go further? Let us know in the comments.

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