May has been quite an interesting month for SEO professionals, Internet marketers and business owners as Google has been testing changes to the look of its search engine result pages.

These changes are not yet permanent and Google has not yet confirmed any final changes.

Longer Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

One of the most significant changes that Google has tested in search result pages is an extension of page titles and meta descriptions. Title tags have been increased to 70-71 characters in relation to the previous 50-60 characters. Title tags on mobile devices are even longer, with around 78 characters.

Meta descriptions were increased by 100 characters per line and extended from two to three lines.

Having longer title tags and meta descriptions would mean more room for adding relevant keywords. However, as your SEO agency can tell you, there are other ways to use this space.

Longer title tags and descriptions give you the chance to use long-tail keywords, in other words, three or four-word phrases that tend to indicate that searchers are closer an action. It would also make it easier for you to use natural language in your meta data which would strengthen your site in terms of voice search.

Rich Cards Introduced for Mobile Results

Even though Rich Cards are only introduced for two content categories: movies and recipes, you can expect Google to make it extensive to more content categories in the near future (as tested recently). Rich Cards take the current Rich Snippets feature even further, using your marked up content to display a lot more information about the content of your page within the search result pages themselves.Rich Cards are important both for your business and your clients. If you have a site with a lot of content and content types, having such a structured solution will make it easier for you to:

– Improve your CTR by driving more people into the conversion funnel.
– Improve your engagement metrics and get more focused traffic
– Achieve higher rankings as your traffic will be more relevant, you’ll have higher engagement and conversion rates and this will lead more people to link to your content.
– Grab users’ attention to your listing against all others that don’t show up so much detailed information.

New Colour Scheme For Google’s SERPs

Google’s been testing different link colours on its search result pages: some users reported seeing a different shade of blue, whilst others saw all black links.

So far, overall responses to this colour change have been overwhelmingly negative but Google has yet to comment.

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