Digital PR is a strategy used to increase brand awareness through a variety of online methods. In several ways, digital PR can be compared to the traditional PR approach we are all familiar with. However, digital PR is far more powerful than we may even be aware of and offers the opportunity to reach a far broader audience, that may not be reached through use of offline methods.

To truly make a greater impact, digital PR relies far more on internet-based strategies, in other words, areas such as SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and more. This approach to PR provides businesses with the opportunity to  improve their overall online presence and visibility. With the ability to transform information into meaningful conversations, digital PR opens a world of opportunity for businesses seeking relationships with their clientele.

What does Digital PR actually involve?

Possibilities for business looking to promote their business online are endless. It’s important to highlight that business need to look beyond the horizon of traditional prints and in place, build relationships and start conversations with their audiences online. With the marketing industry constantly evolving, working with a Digital PR agency can bring forth the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds – digital and traditional PR.

Digital PR involves a varied number of tactics, all used to essentially increase your businesses visibility. A few examples of Digital PR include…

  • Building relationships with online journalists and bloggers to generate online coverage
  • Preparing online Press Releases
  • Organising online interviews / reviews of products and services
  • Optimising press releases with relevant links that redirect back to your website. This benefits readers with more information and also improves search rankings due to securing a high authority link to your site via high traffic news/blog websites
  • Publishing online content to gain a wider reputation and high-quality backlinks
  • Influencer and blogger marketing and outreach to obtain mention from influential social media accounts and blogs

How can digital PR help your business?

Working with a digital PR agency to develop an effective strategy tailored to your business, can help you in a variety of ways. From improving your website’s SEO, to driving an increase in conversions, digital PR can really tie your marketing efforts together to drive an overall increase to your visibility.

Improving SEO and Rankings

Creating and publishing content that relates to your business, on high-authority websites can enable you to subsequently gain backlinks. This tactic is one of the biggest and most prominent benefits of digital PR. Gaining high-quality backlinks is an extremely important component in ranking highly in the SERPs since it is a major part of the search engine algorithms. Backlinks tend to often be the deciding factor that will lead to a website pushing to the top pf the SERPs over their competitors.

In addition to this, obtaining backlinks via digital PR from high-authority sites can also increase your website’s credibility and trust which again, helps you appear higher within the SERPs.

Increase in website traffic

An additional benefit of increasing your backlink profile, is that your referral traffic to your businesses website will subsequently increase! Users who often click on back links are generally high-intent customers who will actively want to find out more about your brand, be that via reading more of your content, or even convert into a sale.

Most media publications that publish press releases also share the content on their social media platforms, and tag the business at hand. This in itself, is another way that can broaden the reach of your content, and expose your business to a new audience, subsequently leading to an increase in traffic and referral traffic over time.

Brand awareness

An additional benefit of working with a Digital PR agency and undertaking a digital PR strategy on your business, is increased brand awareness. The more exposure you get via PR, the more your target audience will be able get to know your business, and its values. Digital PR can also help your target audience find your site in more organic way.

Seeing brands regularly mentioned in the press can be an ideal way to get more recognition, not forgetting the fact it can increase your overall credibility and trust! The most important aspect of this is that it can help your business put you on your audiences radar, so when your audience do require your products / services, you’ll have a much higher chance of being directly searched for.

Digital PR doesn’t only reinforce the fact that your business is a reputable one, but also encourages them to return to your business for additional products or services. Providing you with the opportunity with also reaching a new customers, digital PR can enable your business to build its customer base through social shares.


As time goes on, we are seeing an increase in people reading articles on the internet, in place of traditional means. With 69% of individuals within the UK alone, reading magazines and articles online rather than purchasing a physical copy, digital PR should be a key consideration for your business. If you’re business is not on board yet, then it may be time to reconsider!


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