Going out to market for an SEO agency is a huge task and finding the right type of agency, with the same ethics, and one you believe is a worthwhile investment, is essential to getting a successful RoI. Here we look at the ten essentials to look for in an SEO agency.

  1. Potential of Working Relationship

The potential of a great working relationship is needed whether hiring an agency, in house or freelancer to take care of SEO. In turn, this leads to the ability to have strong, honest discussions and meetings on SEO strategy, where all cards are on the table from the off, and progress is regularly seen in the account.

  1. Business Understanding

The long term aim of an SEO campaign is to harness long term revenue for your business. Ask any potential SEO agencies to demonstrate experience within your industry and, of course, results from this experience.

  1. RoI-Driven KPIs

Rankings are only an indication of success; the wrong rankings will still lead to no conversions or sales and thus no return on investment. Ensure KPIs are designed to fit around your different business goals, not the goals of the SEO agency.

  1. Futureproof Campaigns

Google (and the ‘other’ search engines) are constantly changing. An SEO agency needs to be able to work in advance to this change and ensure any future algorithm updates do not end in a penalty or loss in traffic for your business. Make sure your agency knows the upcoming SEO trends.

  1. Accredited SEO Account Managers

As a minimum an SEO account manager should have the Google certification, but there several other industry body accreditations which show a further understanding of the industry at large. Regularly question these accreditations with your agency as well as taking note of any industry nominations which they may have received.

  1. Strategy-Driven SEO

If a decision on a website is made by an SEO company it needs to be backed up with evidence, particularly user evidence of how user experience will benefit from making the changes and how, in turn, this is likely to increase conversions.

  1. Variety of Services

Some SEO agencies will specialise in content and some in technical SEO, some of course will cover everything. Ensure you choose an SEO agency which suits your website’s needs.

  1. Quick Problem Solvers

From time to time the market will change or a bug will enter a website. Your SEO agency needs to have the ability to find the root of any unexpected problems quickly.

  1. Agency Cost

Costing is always a difficult topic, but ensure you get what you pay for. Cheaper agencies may outsource work, which may lead to huge hidden costs in the end. Ask to know how your investment will be used. Overall, ask for RoI insights because even spending as low as £10 with no return is a waste of money.

  1. Confidence in the Agency

Marketing managers always need to have confidence in their SEO agency. With this confidence and trust it is likely a strong working relationship can be formed. An SEO agency should easily slip into your company and enhance the work already being carried out.


Keith Hodges is a Google accredited SEO account manager at POLARIS, SEO agency specialised in the eCommerce, B2B, Healthcare and Travel sectors.

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