How To Conduct A Link Audit – Part 1 from CMA Digital on Vimeo.


“Hello and welcome to our first ever Polaris Video Blog Post. Today I’m going to be talking about how to conduct a link audit. This is the kind of thing you’ll need to do if your sites been given a penalty by Google, if you want to conduct some research into what your competitors are doing, or just as of any ongoing part of SEO maintenance for any of your clients.


There are three stages for the process, the first stage is just collecting the data, so we use a service called Majestic SEO, it’s a service that a lot of people will be familiar with there are also alternatives such as ah refs, or Moz’s popular open site explorer. All the services do exactly the same thing but they all present the data in slightly different ways, so you need to be aware of which data your service is collecting.


Once you’ve got your data, the second stage is to actually analyse what you’ve got. So you’ll need to be considering metrics like; page authority, domain authority if your using open site explorer. Majestic SEO uses things such as citation flow, Google page rank is also an important metric, as are where the links are pointing and the anchor text. However the most important thing is to actually have a look at the site that is linking to you. So nothing beats getting that visual understanding and that visual analysis of the website.


Once you’ve finished conducting your link analysis and been through all your links, the third and final stage is actually making use of what you’ve done. So if your sites been given a penalty by Google, you’ll probably want to be removing some links, possibly disavowing some if you can’t get them removed. If your conducting research into your competitors or using it for part of your ongoing SEO maintenance, you’ll need to be looking at what you can do using that data to move forward. So whether that’s stripping back some of your existing links or putting up some new ones, that will depend on stage two which is collecting the data.


Once you’ve done that your ready to move forward with your SEO strategy. Next time we will be diving a bit deeper into stage one which is actually collecting the data, so thanks for watching this video, the next one will be up next week, if your watching on YouTube don’t forget to subscribe.”

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