Effectively Directing Content Production for Onsite SEO

Effectively directing content production for onsite SEO requires a strategic blend of SEO expertise and editorial diligence. Unlike traditional content creation, which often focuses solely on product descriptions and styles, SEO-driven editorial must prioritise visibility and engagement through targeted optimisation strategies.

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The Importance of SEO Driven Editorial

Directing content production and editorial to fuel an onsite SEO strategy takes diligence and an ecommerce sense of SEO expertise. The challenge that many brands face is that producing editorial around product and styles doesn’t necessarily equate to an increase in exposure, as content produced is not produced with SEO intelligence in mind.

“The majority of ecommerce editorials published are created without customer targeting in mind and are published within a technical framework that prohibits crawlability and indexation.”– James Foote, Technical Director, POLARIS

The first challenge – aligning content teams with SEO stakeholders so that content is produced with SEO in mind.


Challenges for Big Brands

Big brands face challenges when SEO experts do not sit directly inside the business. When this is the case, there is no internal SEO stakeholder that can connect with Content owners and producers to ensure collaboration and consideration of targeting.

Introducing an SEO stakeholder into the equation is also not enough on its own. A business needs an SEO stakeholder that has a strong voice and can command content teams to upskill themselves to understand SEO and then apply SEO tactics when producing content.

Educating content teams on how to optimise content is the first step. Content managers need to understand what the purpose of targeting is and how content can be crafted to fit both the business’ need to promote product but also marketing’s need to connect with target audiences.


The Value of SEO-Optimised Content

Once educated and enlightened on the nuances of applying SEO tactics to content production, the value of content being produced increases tenfold, giving content managers an increased sense of satisfaction and business’ a higher rate of return from what is essentially the same output.

Successfully directing content production for onsite SEO hinges on integrating SEO intelligence into every stage of the editorial process. By fostering collaboration between SEO stakeholders and content teams, brands can ensure that their content not only resonates with their target audience, but also enhances their organic visibility and performance in the SERPs.

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