Googloe PlacesWhen searching for a local service through Google (e.g. hairdresser in bexley), Google now returns local business listings through its service, Google Places.
Although this is not a new service to the results page landscape, many businesses still dont know how to get listed amongst the results for their local area. At the same time, some search agencies pass a Google Places submission off as professional seo services which requires work being conducted, taking a monthly fee for it.
The reality is that its a straight forward submission process which takes less than 5 minutes through Google’s listing application, and it doesnt require any major knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation or even Google’s Algorithms.
Guidelines from us to get listed are:


  • Make sure you have read and adhere to the Google Places Guidelines
  • Keep your Title specific, naming it with your exact Business name and area that you are in
  • Write your company description with customers in mind, using keywords and locations where it makes sense (dont over do it)
  • Upload a picture of your business premises, aswell as company logo.
  • Include any videos you have through You Tube. Name the videos with your keyword and location.
  • Use all 5 category options to categorise your business. Think of keyword searches people would use to find your business and add those.
  • Get customers to review your business. By adding reviews, you make your service look honest and credible.

Thats a topline overview of how to get your business listed in Google Places. Keep in mind the keyword search you want to come up for and the location, and as long as you dont overdo it you should get listed. We are an ethical seo agency that are transparent about our services. If you have read this and would like more information get in touch.

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