Following a link building strategy to accomplish high quality of links pointing to your website can be a difficult, long-term process. Are you looking for other ways to get higher rankings in SERP’s and to increase organic search traffic?

Here is how to increase your organic search result without having to create a link building strategy:

Focus on Low Competitive Geo Keywords

Having many different types of keywords also means there are both competitive and low competitive keywords you can focus you attention on. The benefits of low targeted keywords will mean you can easily rank better for them and still bring quality search traffic. This means instead of targeting ‘Suit Repairs’, you can also target ‘Suit Repairs Yorkshire’ making it easier for someone who is looking for a local suit repair shop.

Build Your Site For Users

Many SEO experts advise marketing managers to build their website or blog for their users, and not for search engines. This is true in many cases. Spammy links and titles can cause a lot of users to avoid your site as it may not believe the site will be of use to them. A user clicking on your link and clicking away from your website results in a high bounce rate and low average session duration, causing Google to put less value on your indexed webpages.

Update Your Website Regularly

This is something which won’t guarantee to boost your rankings but it certainly does help to increase organic search rankings for more keywords. In fact, the more webpages you create, the more different content you are able to create content for and also rank for. Although the focus is not on backlinks, you are more likely to have other web users link back to your content.

Improve Your Page Speed

Now that Google is getting stricter with the quality of content among other key factors, rankings are benefiting from the improvement of overall page speed (which was confirmed by Google). Focusing back on the quality of your content, a slow-loading webpage results in many users clicking off, causing a higher bounce rate and lower average session duration. With the new Google mobile update fully rolled out since April 2015, it is time for marketing managers and website owners to improve page speed not only for desktop but for mobile searches, to achieve full optimisation.

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