The Internet Advertising BureauEver wondered how the Internet is regulated and protected against Fraud and other unethical types of activity? Well, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) are one such agency that work to administer, protect and govern the standards that shape Internet Advertising and Marketing in the UK.
The IAB appoint a series of Council Heads to drive education and policy amongst Internet service providers and businesses, of which we met Kevin Edwards who heads up the Affiliate Marketing Council (AMC). Affiliate Marketing is a specific process whereby online retailers are reffered customers by relating websites, which are then rewarded with a commission.
With some of our clients being online retailers, we decided to meet with Kevin to discuss his thoughts on how the industry will progress and how search trends will adapt to accomodate the regrowth of the economy. Kevin told us about how the IAB’s core initiative at the moment is to understand how online retailers are focusing on customer retention through social marketing campaigns.
“Many e-tailers understand the potential that social media networks like Facebook offer for targetting customers directly. By engaging directly with a target market, a business can understand client needs in more detail, building rapport through an informal, non evasive approach.”
Using Social Media to target customers is an excellent way to engage customers and create brand loyalty, The results of the IAB’s study will be available to us early next month. Check back here if youd like to see them in more detail.

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