Future Technology

Working in a world where technology is evolving daily can be very exciting; developments in how we can continually improve our SEO services are equally as enthralling for us. We often take interest in how these technological advances not only impact upon us, but upon the wider world in general.

As we’re sure you would have read this week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt suggested the internet could be set to “disappear” or “become so ubiquitous that you won’t even notice it.” It sounded a lot more drastic than it actually is, he means the internet is going to evolve beyond how we see it today.Sony Disk Player SEO records

So, the internet isn’t consigned to the history books alongside Mini Disk players, ITV’s part-loved Brookside, or – dare we say – Google Glass, it is on course to grow beyond how we understand it today, to a point in which we live inside the internet and will always be connected.

The Internet of Things

One element which Schmidt mentions is the Internet of Things, the notion that our devices – phones, laptops, tablets and watches (but sadly not glasses) – are becoming increasingly ‘smart’ on a daily basis.

Many of us have apps to organize our lives, Hummingbird allows us to ask Google questions and SEO agencies are optimizing in a more Google search with humming birdsophisticated manner to meet the ever changing needs of Google’s (and other search engine’s) crawlers.

TVs have built-in apps so we can watch our favorite shows on demand, you can carry thousands of books in your pocket and buy more on the move and (perhaps most impressively) the entire Celine Dion back catalogue is available at the click of a few buttons.

The Internet of Things is the next stage of this.

How Will We Get There?

Algorithms have come a long way since the original smarmy Smarter Child would remember what you said and would bring it up later in the conversation to try and drop you in trouble.

Currently, search engine algorithms are designed to guess our next moves, based on the information we’ve put into the internet in the past – answering questions before we’ve finished asking.

Oh Google, we always finish each other’s sentences!

The future is the internet is search engines (or devices) looking to provide answers to the questions you didn’t even know you wanted to ask. Kind of like a wise Karate instructor, but with a lot more pictures of cats.

google search for sentence

It is this premise that has started to build The Internet of Things is leading us along this path of connection.

Schmidt says, “It will be part of your presence all the time. Imagine you walk into a room, and the room is dynamic. And with your permission and all of that, you are interacting with the things going on in the room. A highly personalized, highly interactive and very, very interesting world emerges.”

It’s like Google’s auto suggestion tool, in the ‘real’ world.

How do you fix…

…The problem is already solved, Master.

For example, your washing machine breaks down and the ‘auto suggestion’ tool will find a quote online, print it off for you and if need be get in touch with the technician or engineer before you’ve even noticed there was a problem, let alone before you’ve attempted to pull the machine apart and made the problem worse.

Personalized experiences, changing the room to suit your mood or being able to have ‘hubs’ within a room for ultra personal experiences are just the tip of this technological iceberg.

Of course, we’re not quite at this position yet. Wireless printers mean we can print on the move, you can set a coffee machine to have a cupwireless printer
waiting in the morning and smart phones in particular are becoming increasingly powerful and move every closer to becoming hand-held super computers.

For now, understanding the long term future is essential to understanding how we work today, knowing that search engines are becoming more sophisticated means SEO becomes more sophisticated.

SEO agencies like ourselves will be looking to future proof work and optimise for the future.

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