Understanding and leveraging data is crucial for driving successful marketing strategies.

However, data can be daunting. Particularly if it hasn’t already been processed into an easily understood format using visualisations such as graphs and charts.  For Marketers, the ability to comfortably absorb data and make data-led decisions is essential to driving effective organic strategies.

 But how mature is your marketing function when it comes to analysing SEO performance?

At POLARIS, we believe that robust analytics frameworks and structured data are key to enhancing your SEO strategies.

The Importance of Data-Driven Decisions

Typical points to analyse through data include:

Search Engine Performance
/Result types
/Market share


Attribution Model
/Source channel driving first click
/Most profitable channel mix
/Customer acquisition costs per channel / overall


Onsite Performance
/Top performing landing pages
/What PLPs had the highest conversions
/What PDPs had the highest conversions

The Challenge of Data Collection

Many marketers face challenges starting with the data being collected. Many brands have an analytics solution that lacks integrity, as implementations are constantly being refined and adapted for various reasons such as compliance (GDPR for example) and evolving business needs. This inconsistency makes it difficult to compare performance year over year, as the data sets are not consistent.


Building a Robust Analytics Framework

To overcome these challenges, an analytics maturity scale is needed. This scale can guide brands from a foundation level solution with minimum adoption to an advanced, enterprise-level solution.

The Reporting Analysis Maturity Framework aims to cover all the current high-impact tracking techniques. Based on your team’s level of skill and understanding, these techniques should be integrated into your reporting suite to enable effective look-back analysis beyond basic dimensions and metrics.

By developing a comprehensive understanding of your SEO performance, your marketing function can make more informed decisions that drive growth and competitive advantage.


The Reporting Analysis Maturity Framework


Data doesn’t have to be daunting.

With the right tools and frameworks in place, marketers can turn complex data into actionable insights.

Is your marketing function ready to elevate its SEO performance analysis? If you’re looking to enhance your capabilities, consider partnering with an expert Ecommerce SEO Agency to guide you through the process.

By investing in a mature analysis framework, you’ll be better equipped to understand your data, make strategic decisions, and ultimately, achieve your marketing goals.

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