Since Google rolled out Hummingbird in 2013, the value of keyword research has been under question. Is it still important now that Google no longer looks at keywords and that people uses voice search? Believe it or not, keyword research is still as important as it was in 2012 – maybe even more so.

Making Existing Content More Robust

As an SEO agency, one thing we can tell you for sure is that content can always be improved. Utilizing keywords correctly provides ample opportunity to improve existing content, whether it is optimized text, a blog post, or tagging images. You can use always find a way to use keywords to expand the breadth and depth of your content.

Since frequently searched keywords change frequently, words that didn’t show up in research a year ago might be popular today. By performing keyword research and updating your content you keep it current, relevant and sure to be ranking.

Learning Your Customers’ Language

Even though every business has a handle on the industry lingo, many fail on handling the language used by those who are less familiar with the product or are outside of the industry.

Keyword research uncovers the nuances of product descriptions and can be very revealing in terms of what direction to take you strategy. When you hinder yourself by sticking to the language of your particular industry you run the risk of missing out on opportunities of audience expansion. Get inside the head of the customer and do not be limited by your own product-specific knowledge.

Keyword research will let you see how potential customers view your product or service and write content that speaks the same language as them.

There is no better way to get a full handle on a any topic you want to dominate than to perform keyword research on that topic. It will show you every possible nuance of information that searchers are interested in.

Improving Your Website’s Navigation

Keyword research can be used to improve the site’s navigation. You can use it to establish new pages of content based on what searchers need (or think they need) and make those same keywords the link text for navigation options. This will allow you to provide a better user experience and a far less confusing journey for the customer.

Optimize for High-Volume Opportunities

Keyword research allows you to optimize your site for high-volume keywords that makes it easier for you to attract lots of traffic to your site. You need to be consistent with their presence throughout your site and in each page’s meta-data.

Delivering Searchers to The Most Relevant Pages

Keyword research makes it easier for you to deliver the best content and the best pages to satisfy the needs of different searchers. This in turn will make your pages more accessible to the user and will help you to rank for more than just your main page.


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