For years, link building has been a key element in reputation management and any online marketing strategy.

Digital marketing managers, in particular, need to build cultivating relationships online. This will build brand value, and develop strong and positive connections with relevant editors, journalists, and web managers within any given sector. This will, in turn, lead to good, strong links to your site and an improvement in domain authority and trust flow.

In this blog, we’re going to share with you some insight on link building strategies that you can implement in the second half of 2016 to boost your traffic, improve your online reputation and improve your position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

First Things First

When it comes to building strong, positive relationships it’s important that you make sure your site is strong and attractive to potential partners. You need to look into and fixing any technical errors that your website may be suffering from that may deter possible relationships.

Does your site load fast enough? Has it got original and relevant content that is updated regularly?

Also, consider any past link building activity that has taken place on the website – has the website ever been handed a manual action penalty from Google? Are there disavow files to consider?

Remember, the historic nature of a website will impact link building even now, so be sure to ask your SEO agency of anything you’re unsure of.

Link Building Strategies

Content Marketing

You need to be producing enticing and enriching content. The aim of content marketing is to provide valuable resources that are interesting and relevant to your audience. The higher the quality of content the more likely it will be that relevant influencers will want to link to your content.

Be Interviewed

The ultimate goal in any link building campaign is to become an authority within your sector. Being interviewed or quoted in publications can be a good starting point towards this objective. There are many journalists, editors and influential bloggers that are interested in gaining an insight into other professional’s knowledge.

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation finds and restores under-the-radar opportunities. You can use Google Alerts to monitor every time your name, your business or your website are mentioned over the internet. You can then contact the editors of these publications and ask them to link their article back to your site.

Discover Competitors’ Common Backlinks

You want to be gaining links from your competitor’s most valuable partners. If you spot any highly relevant link partners with attractive metrics, do some research to come up with a successful strategy that will land you a link from them. – You want to be linking to sites that have a high domain authority.

Write A Good Guest Post

Reach out to editors and journalists of relevant sites within your sector and offer to write a guest post for them. Make sure you offer them original, compelling and well-researched content that is really valuable to their audience.

Partners want relevant and enriching content to share with their audience, if you wouldn’t publish this on your own site, why would they? Start by reaching out to relevant but smaller websites in your sector that you have already developed a relationship with.


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