Doug Scott Geordie entrepreneurThis week I went to see a good pal of mine, Doug Scott. The alleged ‘big mouth’ Geordie has been in online for over 10 years and is one of the people that really understands the potential of the search space; both for end clients and for the everyday consumer that’s looking for information, products or services.

On my way up to ‘Silicon Trent Valley’ (as Doug calls it), I got stranded due to an incident on the tracks (some idiot topped himself). Doug came and picked me up and we started having a chat about my business and how im looking to help UK Businesses understand what they can get from a real SEO campaign.

Listening to me rambling on, Doug told me we should go and see Phil, a friend of his that owns his own search company. An hour or so later, the three of us are sitting having lunch and talking about SEO and what we all do. Phil (as it so happens) turns out to be the Founder / CEO of clickthrough marketing, one of the few trusted and established search marketing companies in the UK.

Guy named Phil in a suitAs we spoke we realised that we both had similar objectives in terms of services and our businesses. Clickthrough marketing focus precisely on delivering extra visitors that convert into “enquiries and sales”. They are not just about getting websites higher in Google or tieing clients into lengthy contracts. Clickthrough are all about making a business more successful, through measurable and transparent search marketing. This is what a real search marketing company is all about. Its not just about getting a website higher in Google, its about showing a return for a clients investment.

Listening to the guys talk, I become even more confident about our approach to providing professional seo services back in London. Yes there are cowboys out there, and yes we have to educate businesses, but that’s what this is all about. Being open, honest and showing clients exactly what can be achieved if they are serviced properly.

I’ve planned to go back up to see Phil in a couple of weeks, and I’m quite looking forward to it. Its great to meet other people that share the same ethics and really know their stuff, Doug and Phil are no exception.

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