Election day

Today (the 8th June) is the day that the majority of Britain are lining up to vote. It’s fair to say tensions are high, opinions are strong and political debates are rife online.

Depending on the nature of your brand, it is advisable to stay clear of such debates and try to stay impartial. We all have our own opinions, as do your customers. The worst thing you could do would be to alienate your clients by unintentionally but openly dismissing their thoughts.

This doesn’t mean ignore the election altogether. If your brand is fun and lighthearted feel free to join in with Twitter discussion such as #dogsatpollingstations or send a friendly reminder to your followers to remember to vote. There is no harm in showing an interest in politics, but there could be unforeseen harm in expressing hard viewpoints.

Following the election

Whichever way this election swings, people will be unhappy. Keep this in mind for a few days after the results and be mindful of posts that ‘celebrate’ too soon such as #happyfriday. These sorts of posts leave you open to ridicule on social media.

Please note that there are always exceptions to this rule, dependent entirely on brand identity and what your followers expect. What is most important is that you stick to your brand identity and don’t stray from your usual style to get involved in debates unnecessarily.


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