MC Hammer Launches WireDooRapper turned techie Stanley Burrell (aka MC Hammer) is taking on the search giants with his very own search engine, WireDoo. Hammer is releasing his “deep search” engine which claims to “search once and see whats related.”

With a proposed launch date set for this December, the search engine has been in devleopment for over two years and is considered by its developers to be a social search engine which allows a user to delve deeper into certain areas of a search. With the example of a postcode, a user will be able to browse a map, with listings of local business, schools, surgery’s etc, and select one of the information streams to delve deeper. For example picking a school within a post code search, a user will be able to view information such as teachers, student demographic etc.

The Rapper, best known for being a one hit wonder with “Cant touch this” back in 1990 is no stranger to the tech world. He moved into social media technology in a big way when he realised that various tools such as twitter etc were developing around him. Used by music professionals to ‘leak’ music to target audiences, the link between social media outlets such as Myspace and the music industry significantly developed, giving people like Hammer an insight into the potential of the two working together.

It was from here that Hammer started paying attention to social media and the tech world, becoming one of the early adopters within the music industry.

“When I saw the social tools as they began to emerge – whether it be around video… whether it be about community, ie.: way back to the days of Myspace and then on into Facebook and others – as I saw that, I saw a real opportunity to engage and connect and remove the velvet rope between the musician and his fans, who are really friends and like extended family.” – Hammer.

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