Hello! I’m Martha, and it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve just joined the team here at Polaris as a Content Marketing Executive, having left my previous role in digital PR. Before I broke into the world of marketing, I was studying at the University of Nottingham, graduating with a Master’s degree in English Literature. 

SEO Content Writer Joins Content Marketing Team

I moved to the East Midlands for university, having grown up in Southeast London, and I’ve been up here ever since. After graduating, I moved to Loughborough – what Leicestershire lacks in charm, it makes up for in low rent costs.  


While I was at uni, I split my time evenly between the gym and the library (and maybe the pub). I picked up weightlifting while I was studying (see what I did there?), and it’s a passion that I’ve stuck with post-graduation. As far as my academic work went, I focused heavily (where my tutors would allow me to) on punk music and how it relates to literature. I got to write about a host of interesting groups and figures, from John Milton to John Cooper Clarke. I also taught myself some CSS coding skills to write an interactive text adventure, which was one of the projects I was most proud of throughout my university career. Perhaps the greatest takeaway I had from my time in Nottingham (bar the Taco Bell on Angel Row) was that, with enough passion and enough research, you really can do just about anything. 


I had a brief flirtation with the world of PR and copywriting in my first job after graduating. I got to work with a tonne of clients across a range of industries, which taught me a lot about juggling projects and managing priorities effectively. I got to write articles that covered a wealth of sectors, penning pieces that covered IoT solutions, PPC advertising, luxury homeware, sustainable fashion and, of all things, Jane Austen Day.  

Within my previous role, I received my first introduction to the world of SEO, and my fascination with the topic has brought me to Polaris. I’m over the moon to have joined the team here, and am eager to expand my skillset and absorb all the knowledge thrown my way. 

A New Beginning

As I write this, I have only been with Polaris for a matter of weeks, but I’ve already picked up so much new information and learnt a lot about the industry – I’m so excited about what’s to come, and I can’t wait to look back at this blog further down the line and celebrate how far I’ve come. The last few years have been tumultuous to say the least, so I’m incredibly excited to be joining an ambitious and driven team for whom the only way is up. Here’s to the future! 


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