Hello, my name is Sharon. I have joined Polaris as a SEO Executive. As I write this it is my first day on the job! I’m excited to be joining the Polaris team, to build on my digital marketing & SEO skills, and to help businesses grow.

My Background

Sharon SEO Executive PictureSomewhat random, my background is in Neuroscience. I fell into the world of SEO after working as a content creator for an educational platform. I naturally gravitated towards SEO after coming across it during some training that was put together. Since then, I decided to work full-time in SEO. Learning is a skill that I truly value, SEO is constantly evolving, and so there is always room for learning. And it is a field that is quite data driven, but still allows for creativity, giving you the best of both worlds. The ideal job that just felt right!

During my time working in SEO, I’ve had the chance to work with many different companies – niche to mainstream. I’ve found that understanding what companies have to offer and using this to execute an SEO strategy has really helped businesses grow. With SEO there’s always something that can be done to help different businesses grow (B2B, ecommerce, etc.) and watching how being no.1/ first page on Google can affect a company’s ROI is fascinating and it is a very rewarding feeling when you get that win.

My Goals in SEO

As SEO tools continue to upgrade and the increase in search engine’s vigilance on quality, I look forward to continuing to expand on my SEO knowledge and use this to help businesses grow organically alongside the team here at Polaris.

My Interests Beyond SEO

With the exception of my interest in SEO, outside of work I enjoy running, anything regarding topics on health and wellness, a huge foodie – cooking but mostly eating, reading and binge-watching Netflix shows.

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