Hello, my name is Isabelle. I have joined POLARIS as an SEO Manager and am currently in my second week of working here. 

I am very excited about joining Polaris in this journey of growth and expansion, helping develop the SEO team, Business SEO operations and its client portfolios. 

My Journey so far

My journey in the world of Search Engine Optimisation began a decade ago when I joined a local SEO agency as an apprentice after completing my marketing degree. My fascination with witnessing websites climb the Search Engine Results and how websites could naturally climb the ranks on search engines, together with my dedication to driving growth and qualified traffic for my clients, is what drove me to dig deeper into the digital trenches: test, learn, adapt and scale. 

Through my SEO journey, I’ve had the chance to work with established brands allowing me to capitalise on the brand values and create unique and experiential relationships to drive further organic growth. On the other hand, collaborating with niche clients taught me the invaluable lesson that effective SEO is so crucial for a smaller business and seeing these businesses thrive online has been immensely rewarding – it’s just as important for a local artisan baker as it is for a global tech giant. 

One of the more unusual facts of my SEO journey has been the opportunity to work both on client and agency sides. This dual perspective has provided me with a 360-degree view of SEO strategies. Working client-side, I’ve understood the importance of aligning SEO efforts with business goals, ensuring that every optimisation positively contributes to the bottom line. 

The ability to bridge the gap between client and agency expectations has been instrumental in my journey. Conversely, I love the continuous learning and fast-paced environment agency life offers allows me to stay at the forefront of SEO industry trends and continuously grow my skills and knowledge. 

I’ve also had the privilege of leading and developing SEO teams. Building a high-performing team is not just about technical expertise but also about fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. I take pride in nurturing talent, helping individuals grow in their roles, and collectively achieving remarkable results. 

SEO isn’t just a job; it’s a mission to unlock the full potential of the digital landscape for businesses of all sizes. I look forward to doing all the above again, with Polaris, to a greater and more successful extent. 

My interests beyond SEO

When I’m not at my desk, you’ll likely find me in the great outdoors, in company of my daughter, in my most comfortable gear ready to take advantage of any exercise I can get, or eating my way around the world through the World of Food London has to offer. 

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