The teams at the Google head quarters have long been trying to improve their services from online search to YouTube and other Google products. A few weeks ago Google presented how, with the rise of mobile and tablet search, the way Google retrieves information has changed.

Google called the new consumer behaviour on mobile “Micro Moments” , a concept which will continue to be further developed to reflect the changes in smartphones and devices.

What Are Micro Moments?

Micro Moments give immediate actions and impulsive searches a relevant response to what users need to know, learn about or purchase. Google understood the impatient nature of the human user and Micro Moments are designed to cater to those with short bursts of suitable information.

As the psychology of the typical searcher has continuously changed and developed over the past few years, Google has responded by displaying a variety of search results, which are designed to be more tailor-made for the user type (based on where the search comes from). For example, should a searcher using a mobile device type in ‘what’s on sale at JOY?’, Google will respond by showing a list of JOY stores in the local area (location services depending) with directions and call buttons without the user actually landing on the store’s homepage. This also applies to entertainment- a ‘what’s on at the cinema?’ search directly leads to local listings of cinema locations – and product searches, shown with product listing advertising (PLA).

How Do Brands Optimise for Micro Moments?

The key aspect for brands is to ensure they thought out the service or product they want to supply or provide. Marketing teams must examine all variations of phrases a searcher would type into Google and test these phrases to see what already comes up in the search results. If in doubt, website owners are highly encouraged to contact an SEO agency for more information on improving their visibility in Micro Moments.


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