Mobiles have undoubtedly made people’s lives easier, especially smartphones which enable everyone to access information and complete tasks on the go. Whether you’re a marketer or a website owner, you need to adapt to these changing trends in mobile user behavior and make sure your website and marketing strategy accommodates to the mobile internet user.

This is where a mobile first SEO strategy comes in. With effective mobile SEO tactics, it will be easier for you to stay ahead of your competition and engage users when they’re searching on the move.

Mobile User Experience

Mobile sites need to load quickly and be easy and clear to understand. Users search on mobile on the go, during micro moments and want the information quickly. Having a slow running site will deter users to your competitors site and negatively affect rankings.

In order to optimise your site, a good suggestion would be to host media files using a content delivery network as it allows you to save around 60% bandwidth. Switching to a faster hosting service is also something you should consider. Don’t forget to resize images and, if possible, avoid including images in your landing page altogether.

Having condensed menu structures and structuring pages, with clear calls to action, will improve the user experience all round and aid in driving conversions.

Optimising for Local Search

Recently Google discovered that four out of five consumers conduct local searches on search engines and that 88% of them used their smartphones to do so. Mobile local searches allow people to look for local store addresses and business hours. Google stated that many of these people visited a store within one day and 18% of them made a purchase.

In order to effectively optimize your mobile site for local searchers you need to understand the factors that play a role in your local ranking:

Relevance: Google needs to understand your business to match it to relevant search terms so make sure you provide detailed and complete information about your business.

Distance: Google will take into account whatever it knows about their location, so it’s best to specify!

Prominence: Google will consider the information it has about your company from sites and articles.

Make sure you fill out all the fields in Google My Business so the information is as accurate as possible. You can include keywords related to your product or service but don’t overuse your terms, don’t forget about customer reviews either! Check our most comprehensive Local SEO guide.

Get Brand Exposure

Using social and mobile re-targeting it is possible to target your users in both apps and social content, as well as across mobile visited websites, such as news sites.

Building an effective mobile re-targeting campaign offers a greater benefit than just standard re-targeting as website owners can tailor advert to users on the move with quick fire deals or location driven offers.

Setting up mobile re-targeting is very straightforward and can be completed by an SEO or PPC agency. Following this, split lists and campaigns accordingly to target products and services.


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