Google Adwords have recently added a new addition to the Ad Extension family. With extensions such as locations, site links and call extensions already being a vital part in making your ads successful, this new extension definitely has a massive part to play.

The new Google Adwords extension is called ‘Callouts’. It allows your ads to display unique selling within your Ad copy. They are placed in a familiar location as site links; however they are not clickable and are purely to be read. This gives you the opportunity to use your Ad copy space more efficiently and include more information, as you can now put your business unique selling points into the ‘Callout’ extension instead. Although, you must be careful when doing this as Callouts are not always displayed on the search results, just like the other Ad extensions. So if it is vital information you want searchers to see, you may want to keep that in your original Ad copy.

You can setup a minimum of 2 callouts per level within your ad extensions tab. It is recommended to have at least 4 Callouts, as this is the most which Google will show within the search results. Callouts allow 25 characters, so plenty of space to identify unique selling points of your company.

We have set up Google Callouts on one of our clients, these is how their Ads now show:


As you can see, our client Ideal Group has now got Call Outs implemented. It makes the Ad stand out much more compared to the competitors, and it showcases Ideal Groups unique selling points.

Another reason to use Callouts to benefit your Adword campaigns even further, is just like the other Ad extensions do, Callouts also contribute to your overall Ad Rank. So this will help your Ad gain higher positions at a lower cost per click.

To find out more about Google PPC and how it can benefit your business, look at our services page.

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The New Google AdwordsJuly 19th, 2018