Mobile phone with twitter logoTop 5 most tweeted about events ever!

(Tweets per minute)


1. Barack Obama’s re-election (327,452)

2. Spain win Euro 2012 (267,200)

3. Pope Francis becomes the new pope (132,000)

4. Andy Murray wins Wimbledon (120,000)

5. The spice girl’s reunion at London 2012 closing ceremony (120,000)

Those are the top 5 for most tweets per minute, but a new record has been made for tweets per second and that goes to ‘Castle In The Sky’. At the beginning of this month the animated film was broadcast in Japan and at a certain point in the movie tweets increased astonishingly. On average twitter handles roughly 500 million tweets a day which is 5,700 tweets every second, but during this film tweets raised to up to 143,199 per second!

It’s not the first time this animation film has beat the record either. In 2011 (when twitter wasn’t as popular) ‘Castle In The Sky’ broke the record at 25,088 tweets per second. At that time the average was just 3000 tweets.

You might think that twitter wouldn’t be able to handle such high rises in traffic, but you’d be wrong.

Twitter revealed after recent engineering that the service is more resilient than ever before ‘This re-architecture has not only made the service more resilient when traffic spikes to record highs, but also provides a more flexible platform on which to build more features faster’.

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