It’s difficult to remember a time before POLARIS.

Our journey started back in September 2009 when, like any fledgling business, we needed just one person to take that leap of faith, placing their confidence and trust in our capabilities.

Fruit 4 London was that person.

They were not just our first-ever client; they were the ones who believed in us from the very beginning, a belief that persists to this day, as we still proudly continue to work together 14 years later (that’s one way of making you feel old).

The partnership formed back then not only laid the foundations of our collaborative efforts but also served as the spark driving us to where we are today. Fruit 4 London has been more than a client to us; they have been a partner in our growth, one of our main supporters, and a friend throughout.

As we look back at the years and celebrate over a decade of success, it is evident to us all that our partnership with Fruit 4 London is one we are immensely proud of and will always be grateful for.


Planting the Seeds of Our Partnership

In the early days of  POLARIS SEO Agency’s establishment in 2009, the digital landscape was promising yet unknown. Fruit 4 London needed an ally to help them navigate the world of SEO and improve their online visibility. As fate would have it, POLARIS came at just the right time to offer Fruit 4 our expertise.

The synergy between our team and Fruit 4 London was evident from the outset, with both parties recognising immense potential and a shared vision for digital success. The initial discussions created an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and shared aspirations. It very quickly became apparent that our vision aligned perfectly with their overall objective, to enhance online visibility and conversion rates.

As the partnership quickly flourished, it evolved outside the conventional client-agency relationship. Instead, it developed into a dynamic collaboration where trust is essential, and success is celebrated together. Nurturing our relationship with the Fruit 4 London team has been paramount in forming a connection that exceeds the transactional nature of typical business partnerships. Our commitment to this collaboration is a testament to our shared values, and the consistent exchange of ideas and strategies has contributed to our collective success.

Trust has become the foundation of this partnership. In the digital world, challenges are inevitable, however, our teamwork has continuously demonstrated adaptability and allowed us to overcome obstacles, seeking the best solutions and opportunities for growth.

The celebration of success has also become a shared experience, whether it be a significant increase in online visibility, a rise in conversion rates or the successful implementation of a digital strategy, we always celebrate them together.

As we continue on our journey together, nurturing this relationship is paramount to us, to ensure our collaboration remains strong and resilient as the digital world continues to evolve.


Our Achievements

From the outset, one of the main objectives was to improve Fruit 4 London’s rankings and propel them into the top spot. Securing the top position in search engine rankings would not only generate more conversions, but also validates the effectiveness of our efforts.

Our technical SEO team formulated an effective strategy to ensure we would achieve our objective. We conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to understand the gaps in the current site and to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience and trends.

We completed in-depth on-page SEO optimisations to fine-tune the content to focus on quality, whilst implementing various SEO techniques to enhance visibility. Our efforts meant we achieved position 1 rankings for various keywords, including:

  • “Fruit Delivery”
  • “Fruit Delivery London”
  • “Fresh Fruit Delivery London”
  • “Fruit Box Delivery London”

Overall, it boosted website visits by a staggering 1400% and achieved an impressive 500% growth in revenue.

By continuously monitoring the site and adapting to constant changes to search engine algorithms, we ensured our strategies remained relevant and tactical. Through further collaboration, we were also able to achieve a 35% increase in new customers.

Gabor Doroghazi, Co-Founder at Fruit 4 London, had these kind words to say regarding our long-term partnership:

“POLARIS has helped us to achieve a clearly measurable increase in rankings and natural traffic on our website. With the internet being our sole channel for new business, we needed an agency we could depend on for real results and a proactive approach. Thanks to them, we have benefited from a 71.3% increase in organic traffic to our website, all through their excellent work and service.”


Fruit 4 London Site Migration Project

We recently undertook a complete re-platforming of the F4L website, product catalogue and trade retail ERP systems moving from WordPress with WooCommerce integration to Shopify. The work completed by the POLARIS team not only managed the seamless transition through our SEO migration services to the new platform but also ensured that SEO foundations were maintained – being a vocal presence during the design/build phase, advising on the information architecture, Schema properties and re-writing all meta data copy to be 100% unique targeted towards primary keywords.

Our skilled team of Shopify ecommerce consultants collaborated with the developer to address and resolve all “out of the box” Shopify SEO challenges. This proactive approach ensured that the new platform was SEO-ready before the switch-over. Additionally, we implemented advanced GA4 ecommerce tracking for comprehensive checkout measurement.

Post-migration, we continued to monitor and support the brand. Our efforts extended to redirect management and content development, resulting in the company sustaining its SEO presence and securing ranking positions 1-3 for “fruit delivery” terms in office queries within London.


A Fruitful Future

In the midst of a decade-long partnership, our journey with Fruit 4 London is evidently highlighted in the success of top position rankings and increased organic traffic. However, this partnership is not just about mastering algorithms and keywords used, it is about trust, effective collaboration, creativity, and passion that has helped both parties get to where they are today.

Fruit 4 London’s trust in us, our commitment to them, and being able to transform challenges into opportunities and successes is something we are immensely proud to be a part of.

Together, we will continue to drive the digital success of Fruit 4 London and are very much looking forward to the ongoing journey and infinite possibilities that lie ahead!


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