The Anticlimax of PenguinThe long anticipated update from Google has just arrived, amid a flurry of panic from the SEO world. Comments being posted on blogs and social media tell the tale of sitewide ranking drops, severe falls in traffic levels, and an anticipation of the long road ahead.


Meanwhile, over at Polaris, we’re kicking our feet up.


Well, not quite. Actually we’re still waiting on the ranking fluctuations to die down, but our overnight ranking results actually look positive.


What have we noticed?

1. A lot of ranking flux. Every week a number of keywords move around, overnight we have noticed that around 75% of keywords have changed position.


2. Some keywords have moved upwards considerably. This is slightly odd because it suggests that every website that was previously ranking higher has dropped (which is unlikely), so we’re guessing that Penguin 2.0 has done more than just devalue websites. Some must have received a boost as a result.


3. Search results for ‘Pay Day Loans’ are still full of spam. Get back to work Google!


We work hard to ensure that our clients benefit from long term SEO strategy, that’s sustainable and will help them succeed for years to come, rather than delivering short term wins and setting their websites up for a fall. The same applies to our on-site strategy, as we mentioned in a blog post back in November when a new Panda update rolled out.


If you’re reading this post because you’ve been hit by Penguin 2.0, or been served a manual penalty from Google, then take a look at our Google penalty removal service.


We’ll keep you updated on the effects of the new Penguin update with another post very soon.

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Google Penguin 4.0September 27th, 2016