We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised by The Drum as one of the leading strategy agencies in London for our exceptional directional work done within our client accounts within our B2B and Ecommerce SEO Agency.


The list was compiled by The Drum using their Recommended Agency Register (RAR) – a directory complied by The Drum that ranks agencies based on their clients’ experiences working with the named agency.  The directory is free for anyone to view and is routinely used by large high-street brands when picking an agency partner. The way the list works is based on reviews by clients and segmented by categories that the client partners have to review, pick the ones most suitable and score out of 10 the level of service they have received.


POLARIS often scores over 9.5 for our agency service. We focus on solving clients problems, not just on “commoditised SEO” but we guide businesses to a better future by utilising our expert team of consultants to navigate marketing managers through the darkness through the light “vision” we bring.


Having now been featured by The Drum in this top 20 list for strategy (not SEO) we are genuinely thrilled that our clients recognise and appreciate the strategic direction aligned around growth impact that we bring to their businesses.


Our expert practitioner teams, along with our senior marketing consultants, take immense pride in our consultancy-led approach, creating the direction to expand our client accounts for them to achieve the knowledge throughout adoption in-housing (knowledge share, not knowledge hide) for the team to achieve higher growth and visibility around search compliance.


Being listed for strategy outside of the outstanding SEO we do really shows that our clients value the direction we build into their business.


Strategy is at the core of everything we do. However, it is a term banded around quite a lot within the marketing world (one of the most common buzzwords and misunderstood areas). So.


What makes POLARIS a strategic thinking agency?

Here are 5 reasons to explain why we have been accredited with this honour:

  1. Customised and innovative strategies

POLARIS understands that each client is unique and requires customised solutions, but we also understand the need to think outside the box, push boundaries and come up with creative solutions to achieve the company’s marketing goals. We focus on the future through investigating opportunities outside of the existing here and now to showcase to clients areas of growth through the sizing of market opportunities and consumer demand to open new avenues of growth.

  1. Data-driven decision making

Successful agencies like ourselves rely heavily on data analysis and insights. We have robust analytics capabilities, utilize advanced tools, and leverage data to inform their strategies and optimize campaign performance. Gut-based decisions from senior stakeholders are carefully validated through quantitative and qualitative data analysis to ensure the right decision is made for performance marketing.

  1. Understanding the target audience

At POLARIS, we place a strong emphasis on conducting thorough market research, customer profiling and audience segmentation to deliver the best results for our clients. Before any marketing campaign starts, it is essential to understand the business objectives and consumer problems to create “needs based marketing”, defining the correct positioning from the website experience to ensure a seamless conversion path from search.

  1. ROI focused approach

We are an ROI focused company. All campaigns are analysed and scoped based on the “opportunity sizing” which our consultancy team model and forecast based on the uplift potential gained from working on developing the customer experience and addressing Google compliance factors. Working with the data we have access to from our client accounts we are able to create quantifiable investment proposals based on the growth opportunity presented to the client.

  1. Proactive with industry news and trends

Within our Google Compliance offering we ensure that our team is always up to date with the latest Google algorithm updates and changes to already established guidelines that are websites operate within. We also make sure our team stay upto date with sector insights and market trends.


POLARIS is a global award-winning E-commerce and B2B SEO agency specialising in strategy consultancy, developing campaigns for international clients within areas such as Website Migration, Content Marketing and Digital PR across multiple industries. If you’re looking to upgrade your strategic performance, get in touch with our SEO experts – send us an email at info@polarisagency.com or fill out our form below to request a free audit.


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