September has been and gone again for another year! To celebrate, and to welcome our newest team member James Foote to Polaris, some of the team gathered in London for a day out at the attraction of the moment, Monopoly in Tottenham court road.

Meeting near Farringdon in Central London, the team kicked off with an agency lunch and pre-game session on how we are getting on post pandemic and an update on some of the exciting things we have planned as an SEO agency.  We also welcomed James Foote into the team as our new Head of SEO. We’re incredibly excited to have him on board as we know he can bring a lot of experience and valuable input to us. James, we hope you enjoy working with us here at Polaris!

seo agency in london

After we had all been briefed on our company direction, we jumped in a cab to Tottenham Court Road to begin our Monopoly experience. The team had a great time working around the life-size Monopoly board, completing fun tasks and activities to buy properties. Our guide, a real-life Scottie Dog playing piece, helped us around the board to complete these challenges and help look after our in-game finances. Playing against 3 other teams, we finished in second place after racking up a good chunk of money from the rent on our properties which we were quite pleased with!

The team members who met up had a great day out on Thursday, with everyone enjoying the activities. We’re excited to working together as a solid team over the next few months and will continue working hard to achieve our company goals.

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