What do your landing pages and ads need to result in a better conversion rate? What type of magic do you need to conjure up to create more assertive and conversion-efficient ads? What’s missing in your landing pages that can help you hit your conversion goals? In reality, making your landing pages and ads more powerful is not that hard – that is, if you know what key elements will attract the attention of potential customers and lead to those all important business leads.

In order to maintain a successful paid search campaign, paying attention to the ad copy is not the only thing that is important. If you have a PPC or SEO agency, you should already be aware that your landing pages and ad extensions are something you definitely need to consider. Bear in mind how shoppers will go about the process of searching for your product – what are the elements that they will want to see when they are shopping online? How can you make it easier for them to be naturally drawn to the products or services that you offer?


A vast majority of shoppers loves images. It’s the reason why Google has been increasing the number of images you see on search engine result pages and why retailers allow us to zoom in and view products from different angles.

An easy way to increase the number of images in the SERPs is to use product listing ads, price drop alerts (in Bing), merchant badges, product ratings… anything that you can think of to make your ad pop and grab the searcher’s attention.

Side-by-Side Product Comparisons

This is a great and effective way to compare your company’s products, but an equally effective tool in showing how you measure up to your key competitors. Graphs and tables are easiest to read and allows shoppers to digest the information better.

You can even highlight or add a “best-seller” badge to the most popular product as it can help you improve your online conversions.

Product Reviews

More and more shoppers find product reviews more appealing. You should have them on your site and also try to incorporate them to your PPC ads by using review extensions. You need to be sure that you’re publishing accurate and current reviews, so don’t be disheartened if it takes a few goes to get what you need approved. Reviews cannot be more than 12 months old in order to appear on review extensions making it of vital importance that you are consistent in asking your customers to review your products so that review extensions will continue to appear in your account.

Links To Media Coverage

Some shoppers are attracted to products that have appeared in the media. Including something such as “as seen on” can be a significant credibility indicator and it can help you boost conversions. It usually works well with dietary products and fitness gear, for instance if any celebrities have used your product.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be very useful especially if there is a striking difference between you and the competition. Besides, when shoppers learn that other prior customers have had an awesome experience with your product and/or service, it makes them more inclined to click through, leading to those sought-after high conversion rates.

Video Product Demos

If you are selling a product that is complicated or hard to understand, adding video product demos can definitely help to boost conversions. At the moment, video extensions are only available in pay-per-click campaigns developed in Bing.


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