Have you put all the effort to set up a campaign, only to find the revenue didn’t stream in? This blog post discusses what you can do to get that campaign profitable within your PPC accounts.

Day-part Your Campaign

You should limit the times of the day that you appear on the adspace; to ensure you appear at times which are more profitable. You can discover the times of day which you are most profitable by going to the Dimensions Tab in Adwords and selecting “hour of the day” under View. In addition you can look at “day of week” as another dimension and only appear on certain days of the week that are profitable. Remember always to make decisions based on enough data to be sure the trend is statistically significant.

Tighten Keywords

If you’ve included broad match keywords (not modified broad match) you should pause these immediately, as they match to all sorts of synonyms that may not be relevant. You may want to review both phrase and modified broad match keywords; to check whether there is too higher risk of irrelevant search terms being matched to these keywords and run on only exact match keywords.

Negative Keywords

This may seem obvious but check search term reports to see if you are matching to irrelevant keywords. Make sure you have all the standard negative keywords such as career related keywords, review and social media sites (unless relevant).

Consider putting in down market negative keywords like cheap and affordable if you deal with luxury or expensive items or the reverse if you sell cheaper items.

Only Target Areas that are Profitable

A campaign that is overall unprofitable may be profitable in parts. Analyse reports in Google Adwords to see whether any parts of the campaign are profitable. Pause areas that are deeply unprofitable leaving only the profitable parts running.

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