Search ads are important and many companies rely on them as part of their search marketing campaigns. However, not all of them are successful. They fail to grab the attention of searchers, are unappealing, or worse, they all just look more or less the same.

If searchers can’t differentiate between ads, they lose interest and fail to click through. Search ads need to include the best information and capture the attention of searchers in order to be successful.

However, this is easier said than done. If you want to make your ads stand out from the crowd, these tips will be helpful.


Before revamping your search ads it is important that you understand that your marketing strategy goes way beyond the 140 text characters allotted to you. Remember that the entire architecture of your ad, from the text to the extensions, should support a strategic message about your brand and the products and services it offers.

Now that you understand this, you can start constructing an informative, eye-catching ad that support your goals and grabs your target audience’s attention.

Understand Your Business and The Consumer

Impactful ads can only be created if you understand your business and consumer needs completely. Having a 360-degree view of your company will provide you with insightful information that will allow you to see customers in a new and more complete perspective.

Create a questionnaire and send it to employees from various areas of your company. Particularly focus on the customer service, product or sales teams as they’ll have interesting data to share with you with regard to your customers. Some of the questions you’d maybe like to include are: What are your customer pain points? How often does your target audience need or buy X product? Do you experience seasonal slow or peak times?

Don’t forget to read customer reviews, both positive and negative. They speak about the first-hand experience of a customer with your brand. Review your AdWords account and take notes of seller ratings, metrics, etc.

Study The Competition

Know who you are competing against for the keywords you plan to use in your search ads. Spend some time reviewing ads from competitors. You don’t want to imitate them but you definitely want to know what they’re up to. Look into your competition with an open mind and be ready to learn something.
Know Your Company’s Marketing Efforts
Your SEM tactics are probably part of the overall marketing strategy that your company participates in. Discuss with the marketing department what they’re doing and what they plan to do and let them know about your goals and actions.

You can learn a lot about the tone and style of the brand by how it communicates, allowing you to then naturally incorporate this into the advertising.

Get Keyboard Ready!

Now that you have all that information, get ready to create unique ads that connect with your audience and that help you stand out from the crowd.


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