Road map is nothing but a step by step plan of your activities. As far as SEO is concerned, road map indicates creating your SEO campaign as a three month plan on key SEO tasks to help formulate your road map.

Plan SEO Roadmap into three individual months

Month 1

• Review Google Webmaster Tools to ensure all technical issues such as; sitemap, crawling, site html structure, duplicate content, robot.txt file

• Define keyword list of 200 keywords: grouped by 25 Primary, 75 secondary, and 100 tertiary

• List and prioritise top product/service pages

• Plan on-page optimisation for the next three months


Month 2

• Review backlinks through competitors’ sites using Open Site Explorer or majestic SEO, and look for backlink opportunities and capitalise them in your project

• Review ‘sister’, ‘friends’, or ‘partner’ sites to look for ‘low hanging fruit’ where links can be easily obtained. Even Google Webmaster Tools is worth considering in this regard

• Start off on-page optimisation


Month 3

• Obtain three different types of links that have not been acquired before. It could be a guest blog post, or broken link building strategy, or a form of infographic, or building relations with bloggers, etc.

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