When content marketing and SEO work together, it is easier to produce web pages that best serve customers and perform more competitively in search engine query results. It is important that the SEO team (either an SEO agency or in house) and the content teams work together to achieve success.

This collaboration should start quite early in the process, even before the content creation itself starts. Understanding the way in which these two areas have evolved is essential to create a collaborative bond between them.

SEO can contribute with a keyword analysis that helps to study and better understand your customers: their needs, their preferences, their problems and worries. Once this is done, instead of rushing out to create content optimized for certain phrases or key terms, it is much wiser to study the intent that underlies these searches. What are buyers looking for? What problems can you solve for them?

Once you uncover the unstated intent behind a search phrase, you will be able to create content that answers their questions, engages their attention and kindles their interest.

Create Content That Builds Relationships

Your content shouldn’t be limited to covering a broad subject or achieving a certain keyword density. Instead, it should communicate with visitors, it should meet them where they are and provide them information, assistance and advice. In other words, the content you produce should build confidence and make sure that every single piece is the best you are capable of publishing, where your prospects find the best possible information about a product or service.

You should bear in mind that the ultimate goal of content marketing is to encourage your audience to positively engage with what you have written.

By studying the keywords of site visitors, by tracking their path across your website, by using analytics data to study how long they stay on your pages, and which ones they visit next, you’ll be building a set of typical user profiles and collecting more insight on what your audience wants.


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