2015 has been the first real year of mobile in search and 2016 is set to see cross device research phases increase. Today’s fractured user journey – which includes micro moments experienced on desktop, tablets and mobile – needs particular attention paid to it as these micro moments can have a huge impact on KPIs. The constantly connected world means SEO agencies and marketing managers are seeing KPIs differ between mobile and desktop presence, this creates a need for multi-level campaigns.

Micro Moment Emergence in SEO

Mobile’s emergence as a leading technology allows users to act on impulse and search in a moment for immediate results; for example, a user looking for a bar or pub in a particular area which can be visited immediately.

Micro moments are also apparent on desktop; users searching for local services require immediate attention, services such as rapid response cleanup services or local business listings. On a national and international scale, micro moments on desktop appear in ‘best price’ searches, vouchers, deals or reviews.

Micro moments are born from anywhere users can be aided in making a greater and larger decision.

The emergence of micro moments raises a challenge for KPI measurement: how can an SEO campaign be structured for micro moment success?

Step 1: Stay Relevant to Search Terms to Get Conversions

Relevance to search terms means answers for users, this can be anything from a problem solved to finding flights to dream destinations. Answers for users mean a higher likelihood of conversion.

Across a landing page relevance should be found in heading tags, page titles, schema tags, meta data and alt tags. Fresh content should be considered regularly as industry trends change.

This relevance needs to draw people to complete an action attributed to a KPI. For example, this KPI will be time on site for a publication’s website, whereas a travel agent will be looking for sales. Every KPI is different and an SEO agency can offer the insight needed to reach these KPI targets and suggest the changes needed onsite.

This will come in the form of long term website, user and market analysis.

Step 2: Display Multi-Device Calls to Action

A web owner should always ask, is my website relevant to each target demographic, and if not, what can I change?

Beyond this, if a KPI is revenue and the key landing page isn’t optimised for calls to action then work needs to be considered on site. This could be within mobile touch points, or buttons on desktop.

Two separate conversion optimisation audits should be carried out every three months – outlining user journeys, overall conversions and ultimately any changes in trends.

Step 3: Understand The Touch Points Within a Fractured User Journey

Within KPI measurement, conversions should be considered at multiple touch points in the process, not just at final conversion. Consider micro moments within this and how these moments are impacting the larger key KPI at the end of the sales process. For example, 90% of users will now use mobile at some point in their journey – but 93% of larger purchases are made on desktop.

Consider how your industry differs to this and how many final sales and conversions are made through any given channel.

Step 4: Optimise For Each Phase AND Each Device

Making a website mobile friendly is not going to result in an influx of mobile traffic and if a campaign includes the launch of an app there is a huge amount of technical work to be carried out.

Deep linking, ASO and multi-device apps are going to include an extra layer of optimisation.

Email and content marketing campaigns should be designed for opening on mobile, tablet and laptop and include features which will appeal to somebody using on each device.

POLARIS, SEO agency in London, is specialised in building successful campaigns for clients in the E-commerce, travel, B2B and healthcare sectors.

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