The travel industry is competitive, exciting and challenging. Improved technology and Internet accessibility have made it easier for consumers to search for travel destinations and plan their next trip by themselves. That said, travel websites and travel agencies need to be extra competitive and appealing in order to grab the attention of travelers. In order to do this, they need to have a strong on-site SEO structure and their SEO agency needs to help them implement the right SEO strategy so that they can reach out the highest number of target audience.

An Introduction to SEO Travel

Almost 80% of the traveling population depends on the Internet for their travel needs. This clearly shows that Internet has emerged as a large player in the travel industry. However, as easy as it sounds, SEO for travel industry is quite challenging.

These are SEO strategies you should implement.

Local SEO

Believe it or not, local SEO is important when developing a travel SEO strategy. People tend to search for local travel agents or offices that can provide them with better information about the place or guide them properly.

Multilingual SEO

Most travel websites that rank higher in search engines tend to optimize their websites in multiple languages. This is especially important for companies receiving international travelers or serving an international clientele.

It is a wise travel SEO strategy to implement multilingual SEO if you want to reach out to a wider section of your target audience through a single website.

Linking Authority Sites

If you’ve recently launched your travel site it will be really hard for you to make it appear in the first page for relevant search engine results. To make yourself visible to the target audience, a wise and simple travel SEO strategy is to link to authority websites that have been in the web for long and has a high page rank. Take advantage of larger travel sites that offer affiliate marketing programs as they allow you to display their link on their sites for a certain amount of money for display.


Content is very important for travel sites. It is the prime feature of attraction that engages the audience and compels them to take an action. Content for travel SEO needs to be vivid, engaging, include stunning images and graphics about the diverse destinations you offer and be fully descriptive of everything you can do there.


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