building followers with twitter logoTwitter is becoming more of a social tool for fresh and up-to-date news for businesses, companies both large and small and every day individuals. Everyone wants to build their twitter following to become more popular and build brand and self awareness.

Here are the very basic tips that can be done to help promote your Twitter page:


– Find and follow relevant people – people will more than likely follow back

– Tweet content that will be interesting to your target audience – there is always a positive possibility that your posts and links could be re-tweet to their followers and therefore potentially gain followers to your own page.

– Engage with your audience – tweet at the very least once daily to keep it fresh and interactive.

– Promote your Twitter account through other channels – Facebook, blog, website, email newsletters


Build your twitter profile

– Profile Image/ photo – Make sure you’re using a logo for your business account – Research has shown that people trust faces and logos that they recognise so keep it simple and recognisable!

– Detailed bio – You’ve got 160 characters to sell yourself! Let people know why they should be following you and who you are.

– Link to website in bio – ensure that the url of your web page visible on your twitter page for instant ‘one-click’ action to your website.

– Location – one of the key ways of promoting your business.


Further Optimisation

– Place a link on every page to social sites – social logos work well as they are recognisable at a glance

– Place a ‘Share this’ option on every blog post – via social logos for Twitter and Facebook

– On the order confirmation page try adding a social link such as;

“Thank-you for your order, follow us on twitter to stay up to date with the latest news!”


Get sociable yourselves….

– Join in the conversations

– Join in the hash-tag craze

– Look at what is trending and jump on the band wagon!


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