Why Has Online Learning & Development Evolved So Dramatically?

It’s true that we now have a huge variety of options for learning & development on our desktops, laptops and even our mobiles, which were frankly unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. Whilst this has all come on rather quickly, we shouldn’t be too surprised. The fact is that technology as a whole has been advancing at a rapid pace within our lifetimes, and this digital revolution has made its impact across almost all industries. In short, online learning and development has evolved so dramatically because the possibility of it doing so has become a reality.

As an SEO agency, we work closely with clients in the learning and development industry. In this article we’ll look at certain aspects of the industry’s evolution and all the benefits it brings.


As we’ve mentioned, the majority of industries are developing at an unfathomable pace, which means that training providers have quite a task on their hands to keep the workforce at the cutting edge of all that’s going on. Offering virtual courses allows them to access more participants at once, meaning a far greater number of people can be equipped to keep up to date with knowledge and skills required to work effectively in their respective industries.

From an employer’s point of view, sending large numbers of employees on training courses which could take them out of the office for several days is simply unfeasible for many organisations, so continuous online development is a much more convenient and cost-effective option.

Teaching & Learning Methods

The emergence of online training courses has also brought about a greater variety of methods for teaching and learning, which have received a huge welcome from those who struggle to absorb information simply by listening to another person reel it off from behind a lectern. Online learning is increasingly interactive, using a variety of teaching styles including videos, podcasts and quizzes to engage learners effectively.


One of the most appreciated aspects of online learning and development is the flexibility it offers to learners. The younger generation currently have further and higher education much more readily available to them than their parents did 30 years ago, which has left a large number of this age group feeling unable to compete with those who have benefited from university education. Since the majority of those who fall into this category are at a stage in life where it is impossible, or at best very difficult, for them to return to education, the possibility of receiving an online education which they can organise around work and family commitments it a huge advantage.

Online learning & development has been of great service to organisations in many industries. At POLARIS, we love working with clients who offer e-learning and online training courses. See here for a case study of an SEO campaign we ran for a learning & development client.

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