Integrating SEO into an E-Commerce marketing strategy can be a very challenging move, especially during the development and implementation stages. The size of the online store often has an impact on the size chosen for the SEO, PPC and digital content teams. E-commerce managers are not only responsible for SEO but are usually in charge of handling the product inventory, adding new product pages as well as performing website maintenance on a daily basis. SEO has many implications, and even small alterations can have a big impact, so it may be wise for marketing managers to follow these elementary rules.

1) Get a Full Website Audit

Get an SEO agency to conduct a full audit of your E-commerce website. Choose an agency with experience with E-commerce tools and sales platforms such as Magento, Netsuite and Volusion. Global E-retailers looking to increase e-commerce revenue should request a full industry and company audit.

2) Know Your Sales Funnel

A good way to envision SEO within your E-commerce marketing strategy is to picture a funnel. Make sure the online store is seen and visible on search engines, enticing users and potential customers to come through the sales funnel.

3) Nurture Your Product Listing

Directing online customers through your sales funnel often requires thoroughly targeting the category pages and the product listing pages. Mix specific product titles with broader terms in listings. Both are highly needed as users may search for the same types of products in different ways.

4) Content Is King

Dedicate time to writing unique and detailed product descriptions, which include the manufacturer’s information. Avoid duplicate content at all cost. Use user generated content such as customer reviews for extra help in direction.

5) Be Social

Make sure SEO and social media are working in sync and communicating regularly. Social media gives your SEO and overall digital marketing an extra boost as it engages potential customers with your E-commerce website, often globally. Invite users to leave their reviews as part of the user generated content.


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