Google AdWords is changing with a new UI (User Interface) and a new name: Goggle Ads. Since Google announced that they are going to stop the old UI service, we’ve been taking a look at the new Google Ads at our PPC and SEO agency. Here are a few useful new features that are of great interest to those working on pay per click.


The most helpful thing on the new interface is the “Go To” feature which allows you to navigate anywhere within Google Ads with a couple of simple key presses. Not only is this convenient, but it’s also great for accessibility! All you have to do is press “G” then “T” and type, for example, “conversion” and it takes you to the “Tools – Conversions” page” “G” -> “T” -> “campaign” is another common one I use, to take me to the “campaigns” page.



Obviously, pages like “Campaigns” and “Ad Groups” are frequently visited, so the new ‘Google Ads’ has a bunch of shortcuts for you to navigate around the site even faster then the “Go to” tool! To get to the “Campaigns” page, for example, you can skip the above process and press “G” followed by “C” (for “Campaigns”). Et voilà!


Here are all the shortcut keys for Go To Features:

  • G -> C: Campaigns
  • G -> J: Ad Groups
  • G -> A: Ads
  • G -> K: Keywords
  • G -> X: Extensions
  • G -> S: Setting
  • G -> Y: Recommendation
  • G -> O: Overview
  • G -> F: Full screen



The biggest (and in my opinion best) change is the new “Ads Previews”. What you see on Ads previews is not necessarily what searchers see on the search result on desktop and mobile, but it gives an idea of what the Ads might look like with ad extensions so we, the marketers, can create more effective Ads.


The “Overview” tab is very handy too. It provides general information via visualised data about how the campaigns are running, and obviously you can choose the date range and what metrics you wish to see. It is easier to grasp the information than it was with Google AdWords because the data has helpfully been visualised with map, chart, and graphs.


The only thing we at POLARIS are less keen on about the new UI is that they make recommendations for you. It can make you feel slightly pressurised to make changes based on those recommendations, just because they’re from Google. However, as the words suggests, they’re just “recommendations” – so take them as pieces of advice!


If you’d like discuss this update further or have questions about our work as a PPC and SEO agency, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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