Healthcare SEO campaigns need a different approach from other industry sectors they rely on government-led regulations, and have to adapt to a deeper level of user psychology. With the rise of the E-patient in the last few years, medical practice websites have multiplied to cater to the new demand. Private clinics and hospitals need to fully optimise their websites and efficiently plan an SEO approaches to stay ahead in rankings, and keep patient loyalty.

Think about your keywords

Work on a long-term SEO strategy to use short tail and long tail keywords that will make your practice’s website more visible and drive high traffic, such as “private clinic London” and “private hospitals UK”.

Invest in local search optimisation

Users are more likely to search for local practices, so make sure your medical center’s address is listed on search engines and shows up on Google maps. Local SEO services can also aid in the setup of profile pages.

Produce short content for hasty patients

Also called “info-snacks”, new forms of content are short, sharable, easy to scroll through, and deliver the information fast.

Offer relevant stories to target groups

Users will welcome helpful, targeted information and relatable content with compelling headlines that encourage click-throughs.

Invest in mobile for quick searches

With 1 Billion users expected to solely rely on their phones for their Internet searches in 2015, make sure your website is fully optimised for mobile and that your content is formatted for modern streams, or you might experience a drop in mobile rankings and traffic.

Integrate reviews to your website

Outrank inaccurate reviews on third-party sites by creating individual physician profiles on your website. Provide background information on these pages and let your patients give feedback (keeping HIPAA in mind).

Align PR, Advertising and Marketing strategies

Make sure the content (and keywords usage) of all your channels belong to the same overall promotion strategy working towards the same end goal for your business.

Add creativity to your SEO plan

Winning clicks is hard enough, so make sure patients remember you and help you promote your practice. Find innovative ways to deliver your message, from sharable blog posts to native videos.

Protect your website from hacks

E-patients will prefer websites that with obvious levels of privacy and information safety. Invest in better hosting that will protect you from attacks, encourage strong keywords for user accounts, use two-factor authentication and do regular website backups.

Track your user’s journey

Use Google Analytics to establish which of your pages have the highest and lowest traffic, and to track your average user’s journey on your website. Studying bounce rates and average time spent on individual pages lets you know where to allocate efforts.

Polaris is an SEO agency in London specialising in Healthcare SEO services, with proven track records in creating digital marketing campaigns for private clinics and hospitals.

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