For an email marketing company that owns their own email sending platform (esp), driving leads through SEO is an important investment given the ever increasing need for email marketing within today’s businesses.

Here are five key considerations for email marketing agencies to consider within their SEO strategy.

1) Yes, it’s all about your vanity term, but remember the variations!

“Email marketing platform” is a great target term to work towards receiving traffic from, however there are variations that need to be considered to broaden the value of your SEO campaign and ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket for a number of months.

Utilising an SEO service allows for new market options and approaches to become available, these could have a major impact on business expansion.

2) User guides and case studies will help your website get ranked.

Case studies for various types of clients, including details of strategy, how the email platform was utilised, and of course the results from the campaign will go a long way to gain interest on third party websites offering advice on email marketing. Get your SEO agency to help you build a PR list of sites and social accounts that have access to your target audience and internally get producing some aesthetically pleasing content!

Any B2B SEO campaign or service needs to consider the end goal – business growth. Always consider where content falls within your long term goals.

3) Integrate an SEO service within your broader sales and marketing strategy.

Bearing in mind the average time taken to close a prospective buyer, SEO must be considered for both discovery of email marketing agencies/suppliers and to educate a prospect during their due diligence phase.

To do so, understand how an SEO services fits into your overall sales and marketing strategy, including trade shows, seminars, webinars etc.

4) Optimise your key landing pages with lots of rich, informative content.

B2B SEO is not just about words, it’s about making your landing page the most compelling and useful page available. Use video to interview happy customers, have a social feed on the page demonstrating live support, offer a resources section which gives info on best practice approaches.

5) SEO is not just about direct traffic from Google, cross pollination is also key!

Many SEO agencies and clients focus purely on SEO campaigns that drive traffic from search engines such as Google. Whilst this is the main objective, it should be coupled with the objective of finding other destination websites that target prospects will frequent for the purposes of marketing or completing their email marketing purchase process. Work with your SEO agency to identify these websites and how you can build relationships with them that add value to both parties. Content sharing is the obvious answer, however joint subscriptions, exclusive partner offers etc are also ways to tie up with websites that have access to your target prospects, putting your email marketing brand in front of them so that they can buy.

Polaris provide B2B SEO services in London to a range of business clients on an international level, with a proven track record in ROI and increases in KPIs.

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