We’ve all heard of Google+ and you may even have your own account set up, but what can it actually be used for?

According to stateofsearch.com, “Google+ is Google’s Social Network, or at least, that is what we all think it is. It is Google’s effort to push out Facebook and to be the biggest not just in search, but also in social. But in fact Google+ is not intended to be that Facebook killer. Yes, off course, if Google gets the chance, they will definitely try to beat Facebook. But Google+ in fact is more about data: it will be part of every Google product in the future.”

What Is Google

Google+ originated as a project by Google in which they can gather more data about users in order to provide us with a more personalised web experience. There is a social side to Google+, in which you can connect with other likeminded people (in fact Google suggests people that you might know through other mutual contacts, gmail contacts, or people with the same interests, careers, etc), you can also share photos, videos and start a “hangout”, which includes video chat.

You can also add a complete personal profile and link to your previous schools, place of work, and your own website. Unlike Facebook, where everyone is a “friend”; in Google+ you can add people to specific circles and see or update your news feed, or “stream”, from each specific circle, or from everyone you’re connected to. So, for example, you’ve got some exciting family news or photos that you want to share only with your family members; you’d update your status within that circle only.

social side to Google+

As a business page owner, Google+ is a fantastic tool for getting your business found locally. This is where Google+ integrates more with search as your profile offers insights similar to Google Analytics, including traffic to your Google+ page and which keywords are driving this traffic. You can also add other managers to your page and integrate with Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) so that you come up in local search results. Users can also now review your business and a link to these reviews will appear underneath your Google+ Local listing.

business found locally.

Now, more than ever before, social signals are holding more stead in Google’s eyes and, since the recent algorithm update, we’ve been seeing a lot more of our own and clients’ blog posts ranking higher in search results. Google+ offers a ‘+1’ function which is similar to a ‘like’ on Facebook, as a result the more +1s you have, the better, which is beneficial in terms of SEO. Your introduction will also count as your meta description within Google search so it’s important to optimise this with target keywords.

You can even add yourself as a contributor to a specific website so whenever you write a blog post on that site (provided you have added your Google+ details into your user profile), it also comes up with your details, again helping your site to get ranked.

Google+ is still being developed and new features are being added all the time. Though it’s technically in direct competition with Facebook; chances are it’s still got a long way to go before it will become more popular as a go-to social media platform.

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