Google’s launch of Google Analytics 4 brings a significant shift towards cross device, code free and seamless tracking. This marks the beginning of the end for Universal Analytics and means B2B SEO agencies and professionals alike will see GA4 as their default setting on a new property. As an industry this update to the reporting system will offer deeper collaboration options and enhanced features for predictive insights and cross device measurements.  

Here are a few core features of the system:  

Boosting Product Insights: Machine learning has been a feature that Google has been trying to push for a number of years and whilst helpful it has generally been met with scepticism on what the data means and in fact where it derives from.  

This being said, Google Analytics 4 will aid an SEO agency in determining the demand on product, changes in market trends and also the potential lifetime value of a user – across multiple devices and channels.  

This feature will be valuable for two reasons. Firstly, it should allow for better pre-campaign analysis across both PPC and SEO – meaning departments can merge and a working relationship between a PPC agency and SEO agency will be strong, or in fact sit under one contact point.  

Secondly, it allows businesses to predict the value of different types of customers and build incentives, or content to benefit this. This could be specific paid advertising or remarketing based on product purchases for example.  

User Analysis: Event tracking is core element of user analysis which can be used to determine interaction on the page, clicks on elements such as videos and scroll maps. The perks of Google Analytics 4 being this are tracked automatically and in real time – meaning data can be analysed and acted upon in the immediate.  

User Lifecycle Reporting: Perhaps the most important element for businesses and agencies alike is launch of user lifecycle reporting in granular detail.  


By giving a more complete view, GA4 will allow businesses to determine the value of a user longer term, not just in the immediateSEO agencies can provide user IDs or use Google signals to determine users across devices for reporting and ad targeting. 

As it’s in BETA mode, the functionality and use of Google Analytics 4 is still under analysis and update will be provided in due course.  


Polaris is an award-winning B2B SEO agency in London specialising B2B, PPC, e-commerce and the healthcare industry.

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