Most marketers are aware that 75% of Internet users will only make important purchase decision when product and service descriptions are in a language they speak and that 70% of global users don’t have English as a native language. Despite of this fact, not all marketers take advantage of huge opportunities that appear when digging a bit deeper on this data.

Here are three reasons why investing in multilingual digital marketing is a good step for your business to take:

New Business Markets

Businesses are naturally inclined to grow their customer base by developing (usually) costly marketing strategies that allow them to further increase market share in their home territory. However, all businesses experience growth plateaus at certain stages that are difficult to overcome.

When business managers start considering multilingual digital marketing, it quickly becomes apparent that gaining a small market share in new territories can be more effective than trying to get similar results at home.

Many Competitors Are Ignoring Non-English Speaking Audiences

Being amongst the first companies that develop multilingual websites and that develop multilingual digital marketing strategies will definitely put you in an advantageous position and make it easier for you to get a larger market share away from home.

It’s Cost Effective

The digital world makes it possible for business owners to develop an effective business in new territories without having a physical presence. You just need a team highly knowledgeable in international SEO, or a professional SEO agency, a multilingual website or separate ccTLD sites and create content targeted to each local audience.

Some businesses may decide to open physical offices, or a warehouse or a distribution center in their newly conquered territories if necessary.

Developing a multilingual marketing strategy is significantly more affordable than establishing a physical business abroad as investment in new premises, new employees, retail outlets or offices can be reduced by managing some elements in current locations. All you need is a strong digital marketing team trained and experienced in developing and implementing a multilingual marketing strategy.


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