BuzzFeed, the notorious procrastination site that is far too familiar to the majority of us, has been around for 8 years now. But the site shows no signs of growing old or losing popularity, with an impressive global ranking of #108 for sites with the highest traffic.
But what is it that makes BuzzFeed so popular? Is there a secret to its success? We thought we’d do a study. Strictly for professional research, of course.
Here are the top four reasons why we at Polaris think BuzzFeed is addictive.
(Note: you may have to click on some gifs to see them move!)


1. There’s not much to read.

In this day and age, we simply do not have the time to spend hours poring over articles. And even if we did, we’ve still got better things to be doing. We bow to you BuzzFeed for bringing us content we can consume in a couple of minutes!

2. BuzzFeed quizzes.

I mean, who else is going to tell you which Game of Thrones character you are?

3. The surprisingly respectable news articles.

Check out this brief but thought-provoking article about UK Metadata laws that explains exactly what I mean.

4. One word. Gifs.
Polaris love the abundance of BuzzFeed cat gifs.

And we also love to see hamsters in party hats eating cakes.

We love those gifs that are ridiculously relatable.


Then, of course, there are the gloriously sassy reality show lady gifs.


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