There are two types of keywords, Short Tail and Long Tail.

Short Tail keywords are keywords which are 1 or 2 word phrases, and are typically the most competitive, harder to rank for keywords. The opposite of these is Long Tail keywords, which comprise of niche variations of Short Tail keywords which are more specific and therefore less competitive.

Value Of Long Tail Keywords
Using a practical example, we can take the keyword “raisins.” This short tail keyword currently has 7 million websites competing for rankings, of which online giants such as wikipedia are present. Now, not only is this keyword incredibly competitive to rank for, but the achievement of a 1st page ranking for this keyword would not necessarily mean business / revenue for a potential client.

The reason for this is that this type of Short Tail keyword is too broad for it to be a ‘buying’ keyword. People typing in Raisins could be looking for information on where raisins are grown, the different types of raisins, or a band called raisins. Although this type of keyword ranking would achieve high levels of traffic, it may not necessarily drive actions that convert into business.


For this reason, we focus on Long Tail Keywords. Find out next week what Long Tail keywords are and why they are the building blocks of any ethical seo campaign.

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