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Our Linkedin Ad Campaign Management Process

Key to any linkedin ad campaign is the communication or content that we are going to promote. Our experience has shown that whitepapers and webinars perform exceptionally well, and result in contacts being harvested that can be used for lead generation and nurturing by business development teams.

Considering your requirements, we can setup a variety of different campaigns to put your brand to market, running several campaigns at once to test different ad formats / communication styles.

All of our campaigns are managed by a senior paid search professional, that understands the campaign manager interface and its controls and capabilities. We provide weekly reports on campaign progress, and deliver campaign analytics at the end of a campaign cycle so that leanings can be applied to the next series of campaigns.

Campaign Debrief

We start by debriefing your exact goals and requirements, including target audiences, campaign aims, and wider new business goals.

Campaign Strategy

Using our experience, we will design a campaign strategy based on your goals, specifically within your budget and time constraints.

Ad Creation

We create a variety of ad formats including creative, text and video, to be promoted within Facebook aswell as other channels such as Youtube for retargeting.

Account Build

Using our best practice approach, we will build and deploy our ad campaigns within your ad account, ready for launch.

Campaign Deployment

Campaign deployment is a controlled exercise across audiences to increase the size and value of the campaign over time.

Campaign Analytics

Once a campaign has been completed, we download all data and deliver campaign analytics to give powerful insights into which campaigns have performed well, which have not and why, and recommendations for the next round.

of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices, at Polaris,
we understand the importance of implementing cross device marketing strategies for our clients through Google Ad campaigns

Our Linkedin Ad Campaigns

Our agency approach to managing Linkedin ad campaigns is simple, we use our expertise to guide you on how to utilise your budget for B2B lead generation.

We typically run campaigns in monthly cycles, and find that running several campaigns every quarter helps to target individuals with your offering.

Our dedicated account managers will manage the entire campaign lifecycle for you, proactively sharing ideas and performance updates as they occur.

Our Linkedin Ad Campaigns

Linkedin Ad Campaign Features

Target Specific Sectors / RolesPromote Downloadable ContentGain Full & up-to-date Lead DataSet campaigns based on budgetTarget existing email contactsTarget specific companies

Experts in Paid Search & Linkedin Ads

Our team of PPC Managers, Data Analysts, and Linkedin Ad Managers all understand the importance of ensuring we drive results.

Our Ad managers have regularly training sessions to learn about upcoming features within campaign manager and ideation sessions to discuss content strategies for success.

We also champion cross-functional expertise so that managers can advise on complimentary best practices including retargeting and SEO campaigns.

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Experts in Paid Search & Linkedin Ads

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At POLARIS we believe reaching your goals should be simple, with clear reporting and transparent insights at all times.

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"The Polaris team perfectly understood and identified key audiences to target with keywords and locations in London. This expertly aligned our business objectives and therefore increased the number of new patient inquiries coming in on a monthly basis "
Ramon TahmassebiRamon TahmassebiSurgeon, The Hand Specialist


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Critical Factors For Linkedin Campaign Success

Educational Content

Target individuals happily opt in to sharing their data when they are offered an opportunity to educate themselves. Whether its a whitepaper or webinar, content is key in ensuring a succesful campaign.

Campaign Settings

With so many settings in the campaign manager interface, its important to know what to include and what to exclude. Our experts will complete this as a part of our process to ensure maximum targeting accuracy.

Cost Per Lead KPIs

Typically for a linkedin campaign we try and work to a cost per lead target to drive our campaigns forward. Where possible, we use previous campaign metrics to determine this or other channels in use.

Ad format Testing

Running a single ad campaign isnt enough. We run and test multiple campaign types and ad variants within them to drive the best possible performance and collect data for future campaigns.

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